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Television Appearances:


The Today Show (NBC)

Good Morning America (ABC)

Megyn Kelly Today (NBC)

Fox & Friends (Fox News)

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

The Talk (CBS)


Over the years, I have been extraordinarily blessed to share the stage and studio with some of the most amazing talent imaginable.  Here is a small list of albums, musicians, and projects I've been fortunate​ to be a part of, as well as a list of awards I've received over the years.




University of New Mexico Jazz Orchestra

University of New Mexico Wind Symphony

University of New Mexico Symphonic Band

University of New Mexico Soundpack

The James Douglas Show


Romeo Johnson

The K.N.N. (featuring Money B. of Digital Underground)

David Wade

Red Wine


Laura Cummins and Mark Pino


David Nunez (David & Co.)

Illustrated Man

2009 New Mexico Music Awards All-Star Band


Into the Ocean

Midnight Cherry


Larry Mitchell

Micki Free

Juan Gambino

Nikki Stanzione

Debbie Smith

The Touch

The Side Street Strut Swing Sestet

La Cueva High School Jazz Band (1st Place at Heritage Music Festival, New Orleans, 2000)

La Cueva High School Wind Ensemble


Dean Norris

Hillary Smith

Kristine Mirelle

B. Howard

Skylar Mones

Gimme Sum

Newton vs. Gravity

Kamilah Barrett

Andra Day

The Night kNights

Marc M. Doc Williams

Al Bennett

Dean Alexander

Dusty Hundley

Kid Corduroy 

Sasha McVeigh

Blake Hall

Trig County

Jesse Keith Whitley

Cody Purvis

Josh Thompson

Eric Lee Beddingfield

Brandt Carmichael


Josh Gracin

Craig Campbell

The Swon Brothers

Ross Coppley

Emily Ann Roberts

Bryan White

Heath Wright (Ricochet)

" Zach Fowler is a very impressive musician.  His sense of time, feel, groove and technique are some of the best I've had the pleasure of working with, but his sense of what's right and best for the song at that moment is very impressive.  It's not a skill that one easily's one that you hone from years of playing, and good upbringing both in music and in life.  Zach has that and more, with the ability to play what is needed.  It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to our next musical adventure."

- Larry Mitchell (Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer)


"The brother grooves, rocks, swings, slaps and sinks a pocket like no other. Zach is a machine in the studio, in addition to reading perfectly, an indelible, innovative stamp is left on every track he lays down. An unforgettable sweet soul...very few come close to the ease and intuitiveness Zach maintains on stage or behind the booth."

- Hillary Smith (multiple award-winning solo vocalist, vocalist for hONEyhoUSe)

"As a music producer and studio owner for more than fifteen years, I've truly come to appreciate the difference between musicians who are capable and those that are stellar.  And then there is a level of musician, which I rarely see, that rises above all the rest.  When it comes to bass guitar, not to mention an understanding of music in general, I've never met anyone better than Zach Fowler.  


I have had the pleasure of working with Zach on a number of occasions, and each time I have been left in awe of his talent.  There is not another bassist I've come across who can listen to a song once and then skillfully interpret exactly what the song needs as well as Zach does.  Then, as if he's practiced it for years, he'll play his part with no flaws...often on the first take.  


From the first time I heard Zach play, there is not another choice I would make when a project calls for a bassist who can not only get it done well, but with incredible efficiency.  The genre in which we are working hardly matters.  He has proven to be proficient in every style I have thrown at him.  His work can not only take an average song to greatness, but he can also elevate a great song to new heights without ever losing sight of where he fits in; he has the power of understanding exactly what it is he needs to do to glue it all together.


Anyone who ever gets a chance to work with this exceptional musician will consider themselves lucky, and along the way they will find their jaw on the floor as they watch and hear just exactly what command he has of his craft.  Zach was simply born to do what he does."


- John Wall (producer and owner of Wall of Sound Studio in Albuquerque, NM, and winner of 35 New Mexico Music Awards including the Norman Petty Producer's Award)

"So thankful to have this guy play bass on my song!  It's like he read my mind with how I wanted it to sound...amazing!!"


- Sasha McVeigh (Nashville Singer/Songwriter)

"Zach is no ordinary bass player.  He's not afraid to exert his musical presence when the song calls for it.  It isn't often I see a bass player get lost in a song, a seamless connection between player, instrument, and the music."

 - Bev Miskus (editor and blogger - Nashville Three Sixty)

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