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Interested in lessons?  A clinic?  Music career counseling?

In addition to his extensive experience as a studio and live bass player, Zach is also experienced as a music educator and counselor to aspiring musicians.  Whether teaching private bass lessons to intermediate and advanced students, performing a clinic at a music store or school, or mentoring musicians or ensembles, Zach Fowler has a passion for music education.



Zach Fowler is available to teach private lessons to students of just about any level.  From basic scales, theory, and technique, to more advanced musical aspects such as reading, sight reading, chops, and tasteful bass playing.

There are two ways to take lessons with Zach Fowler.


1.  At a location of your choosing.  Please note that this method is more expensive because of expenses for travel, etc.  Zach will come to your house, studio, school, or other appropriate location.  A one-hour on-location lesson is $40 plus travel expenses.




2.  Skype.  Teaching lessons through Skype is an effective way to learn the instrument without leaving home, and without having to cover expenses of traveling to a location.  All you need is an interface (USB, Firewire, or something simple like iRig), a computer with a web camera, and a Skype account!  A one-hour Skype lesson is $40.  


Contact Zach Fowler for more information about private lessons!


Please note that Zach Fowler will also post lessons on this website from time to time, so check back!!!



Through the support of many of Zach Fowler's endorsees, he is able to perform clinics and workshops across the country, and even across the world, for bass players and musicians looking for insight into the world of professional bass playing.


If you wish to host a clinic or workshop featuring Zach Fowler at your music store or other location, you may either contact the artist relations or marketing representative for any of the companies Zach Fowler endorses (links and info available in the "Gear and Endorsements" section of the website), or contact Zach directly to discuss details and pricing.  If you decide to hold a clinic at a music store, please be sure that the music store hosting the clinic is an authorized dealer of the gear that Zach Fowler uses.


If you would like to host Zach Fowler for a clinic or workshop at your school, church, or other venue, contact Zach Fowler directly!






After over a dozen years in the world of professional music, Zach Fowler has not only gained a ton of insight on how to perform onstage and in the studio, but also how to succeed as a professional offstage.  If you're trying to get a gig, raw talent, feel, and knowledge are fantastic attributes to have...but there are MANY other aspects of the industry that need to be addressed.


Zach Fowler is available to give insight and guide you through what it takes to be a professional musician in this very select arena.  Gear choices, how to attain endorsements, how to capitalize on opportunities, how to market yourself, image, how to act on the road, how to eat healthy and stay fit...all of these things are vital to the success of every pro musician.  Get guidance from a professional.


For information about Career Counseling, contact Zach Fowler!

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