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Look and Listen!!!

A few examples of Zach Fowler's massive body of work, from live and studio performances to television and everything in between!  This page will be updated regularly with new videos, so check back often!  Some videos are available to view on Zach Fowler's YouTube channel!

I was extraordinarily blessed and honored to be selected as the cover artist for the October 2023 edition of Bass Musician Magazine! Check out the interview at the link above, and if you'd like to check out the full article, follow this link!

Playing the Grand Ole Opry is always a blessing! Playing it with the LOCASH boys, along with The Beach Boys, with my brother on lead guitar...that was a spectacular night! Here is a little snippet from that evening...LOCASH along with members of the Opry house band performing the #1 hit, "One Big Country Song," live on the Opry!

LOCASH performed their single, "Feels Like a Party," at the historic Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee in early 2019 as part of the YouTube Sessions.

LOCASH's performance of "I Love This Life" on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 23, 2016!

LOCASH's performance of "I Know Somebody" on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 23, 2016!

This video was featured on the website for Premier Guitar magazine!  Rich Osweiler of Premier Guitar talked with Jeff Kiesel, guru designer at Carvin Guitars and Basses, at the Carvin booth at The NAMM Show 2014.

Performing an acoustic rendition of Keith Urban's #1 hit song "You Gonna Fly" with LoCash at Nashville's famous Blackbird Studios in February 2015.

I performed on this track for up-and-coming British country singer Sasha McVeigh not long after I moved to Nashville.  At the time, both of us were getting used to being in Music City and making a name for ourselves.  Today, she is blossoming artist who has performed at many of the biggest country music festivals in the nation, and even has a #1 song on CMA!  I performed this song on my white Carvin PJ5 going directly into a Radial JDV direct box.

I had the pleasure of filling in on bass for The Swon Brothers to debut their new single, “Travelin’ On,” on Today in Nashville in November 2019! Check out the live performance here, and make sure to download “Travelin’ On,” which also features the incomparable Vince Gill, wherever you get your music!  Using my incredible custom PRS Grainger 5-string sent via my Pig Hog instrument cable into a Radial passive DI.

Another angle of Boone Daughdrill from The Band Perry and I jammin' the Led Zeppelin classic, "D'yer Mak'er," at the Nashville Drummers Jam at Douglas Corner in April 2014.  The song also features Matt Farley on vocals, and Chris Nix from Chuck Wicks's band on guitar.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, I did a couple of songs for what I dubbed the "Slipper Sessions" (since I was wearing my bedroom slippers for both of the bass cover arrangement videos I recorded).  For this installment, I decided to take on one of my all-time favorite songs. I first arranged John Legend's "Ordinary People" back in 2006, but got away from doing solo bass arrangements for a while because the gigs I was doing didn't really call for it, and I rarely had time to sit down and put in the effort for them.  Obviously, when the quarantine happened, I had plenty of time to sit down and re-visit this number, so I plugged my PRS Grainger 5-string into a Gallien-Krueger Plex preamp, then into a Radial JDV direct box, and then into the computer where I added a little reverb.  This was recorded in one mistakes are included!  LOL!

Bass arrangement of Michael Jackson's 1983 hit, "Human Nature," from the album, "Thriller." Recorded this in one take, so mistakes are included! I recorded as much as I could before my GoPro died. Recorded on my Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Gary Grainger 5-string Bass run into a Gallien-Krueger Plex preamp, a Radial JDV direct box, then into the computer via PreSonus FireStudio where I added a little reverb.

I had the pleasure of performing on one album by my dear friends, hONEyhoUSe back in 2012, and I knew immediately after I stepped out of the studio that it was going to be a special record.  I plowed through 11 songs in one night, performing on all but one of the tracks on the album.  Bass-wise, this album has it all...electric, fretless, was a bass player's dream.  But a bass player always plays for the song, which is the main reason this was such a special project to be involved with.  "Fire On the Hill" won "Song of the Year" at the 2013 New Mexico Music Awards, and the album, "Medicine Lodge," earned producer John Wall the Norman Petty Producer's Award.  For "Fire On the Hill," I used my 1975 Fender Jazz Bass straight into an Avalon U5.  Download the album here:

A little throwback to my days with The James Douglas Show.  I recorded four albums in my eleven-year tenure with the band, the last of which was called "9," which was somewhat of a departure for us as we leaned a little more toward the pop side of things.  However, one song on the album fell right into place with the funky side we had become known for.  We had been performing "365" as part of our set pretty much since the beginning and had never recorded the song, but it made sense for us to put it on our album since it fit us so well.  Written by Mike Cee Carpenter and Anthony Honore, and originally performed by Honore, this song definitely stands out as one of my favorite recordings during my time with The JDS.  Recorded on a Fender American Deluxe 5-string Jazz Bass directly into a Radial FireFly DI.

My first official recording session in Los Angeles was actually with an Albuquerque native named Adam Brown, professionally known as "AB."  I was blessed to perform on a song called "More," written by another incredible Albuquerque songwriter named Tony Alarncon.  In my limited experience performing with AB, I can honestly attest that he is one of the most talented and gifted vocalists imaginable.  The recording session for this song was so much fun, and the end result was magic.  I used a Lakland Skyline 55-02 for this song, though I can't recall what preamps or hardware were used.

I was lucky to perform on two albums for an Albuquerque-based progressive rock trio called Illustrated Man.  Both of those albums were concept albums, the latter of which was released after I had already moved to Nashville.  Although equally brilliant, and brilliantly written, I take a great deal of pride in my work on "Zebra Hotel" because of the freedom John Wall, Seth Launer, and Derald Padilla allowed me on the instrument.  "Zebra," one of the tracks on this album, was particularly fun because it permitted me to come up with a "signature" line for the song, which I performed on a Fender American Standard 5-string Precision Bass plugged directly into an Avalon U5.  If you are in the mood to listen to some insightful, brilliant, yet fun music, please download this album, as well as their previous effort, "Welcome to Your Life," which one Best Pop Album and Best Rock Song ("I Am Not"...on which I played bass) at the New Mexico Music Awards. "Zebra Hotel" is available here:

Another album produced by the masterful John Wall.  This was a super fun, eclectic album for an incredible singer/songwriter out of Seattle named Nicholas Newton, who coined the project "Newton vs Gravity."  The entire album was recorded at Wall of Sound Studios in Albuquerque with John Wall behind the boards, and the trio of Newton, drummer Marco Nunez, and myself crankin' out all but two songs on the album, with Newton by himself on two of the tracks.  Unconventional in many ways, but the creative process was so much fun, and the end result is something that I've taken a great deal of pride in.  Download "Whatever You Call It" here:

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